A space where we can temporarily work, live and breathe together to recharge our batteries, ground ourselves and explore the potential of the collective’s creativity.


What is the SummerOffice?

SummerOffice is a co-living project by the SocialFokus community. It is a mixture of a co-working space and a summer camp.


What are we doing here?

We are co-designing a place where we can keep working remotely on our daily job and for a few hours we can drop our digital devices and co-create projects with the folks who show up and also to just enjoy the countless outdoor activities in the region.

What is the place like?

The authentic and renovated country-side house and a modern family house are in the same huge piece of land with a beautiful garden. They are located in Kővágóörs, Petőfi st. 30  (Teleki street corner) a village that is a 160 km from Budapest on the coast of the Lake Balaton.

Is this for me?

The SummerOffice is a co-living place for the SocialFokus collective, and we are keen to invite contributors to build our pop-up community together. You can be an individual co-worker for a few nights or a company on a community retreat. We have 12 beds and some great relationships in the neighbourhood to rent more. We'd like to hear from you if you feel happy about our Passion and you can accept rules that are designed by the community and participate to change them.

When is it going to happen?

The SummerOffice is going to pop up during June-September 2017.  We are already having regular gatherings to co-design our community. If you feel called, reach out to us as per below.


How much does it cost?

For individuals participation is donation based, with some guidelines that reflect our costs, including bed, food, ... everything.  We are looking for people who wants to contribute so we are counting on your skills and gifts in cooking, dishes or singing, etc.).
For company and community retreats contact us directly for a quote.


How can I join?

  1. Read the SummerOffice house rules & principles: donation, booking process, contribution etc. are all here.

  2. Check the availability in this spreadsheet

  3. To book your stay, you need to log in to this slack, then go to reserve_cancel channel to proceed with your booking.
    (we will manually update it in the spreadsheet above). If you are not on slack, drop us a line on Facebook message.

Please make sure you write a short intro when you join to Slack: 1) why would you like to join 2) what do you expect and 3) what can you offer to the community. Others are excited to learn about you :)  

Reach us out via Facebook message or sign-up to our Slack organisation by entering your email here, then add yourself to the SummerOffice channel, or just drop us an email to hello@socialfokus.org.

Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It’s important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and develop.
— Dorothy Height




$: donation with self-cost guidance: 5.000.- Ft / night.

  • Co-working place with wi-fi

  • Bed in double and triple rooms

  • Shared Bathroom

  • Food for the entire day (breakfast, lunch, dinner snacks)

  • Kitchen to prepare your own food, bathroom, toilette


Community retreats

$: contact us for your tailor-fit offer

  • Capacity: 4-40 people (we can top up another cottage very close to our place)

  • Facilitating your retreats by pro people, see the team page

  • All food: breakfast, lunch, dinner

  • Plus everything you see on the individual side