Meet our community members who make the SocialFokus magic happen.


Zoltán Áprily

is passionate about finding out how we can make professional success within open, honest, small communities while staying true to ourselves and having a good impact on our environment. His is multipotentional and currently working in the film industry.


Barbara Bárdos

feels good when she can love and be loved. Conscious business for her is joy, hope, work, endurance, and utility. She is a freelance graphic designer.


Kristóf Bárdos

is keen to heal the system we live in and give hope to people that it's possible. His current challenge is to become a credible leader in a self-organising company. He is the CEO of Digital Natives and the cofounder of Green Fox Academy.


Katus Bartos

Katus believes that abiding to the principles of ‘do no harm’ as well as honest and peaceful communication are keys to achieve the ultimate inner balance.  As part of the SocialFokus collective she has found help for her challenges in self-organisation and she emphasizes the necessity of looking towards the future rather than dwelling on the past. She is also digital marketer at TomorrowPeople.


Kitti Borissza

is pissed about double standards and double lives, so she’s aiming to prove that it’s possible to live a normal life and thinks that conscious business could be a way there. She is a digital strategist at TomorrowPeople. 


Annamária Heinrich

thinks that consciousness is an attitude that offers a wider perspective, a bigger room, and also a huge responsibility to achieve our purpose on the personal and the community level as well. She is the content manager at TomorrowPeople. 


Tamas Hovanyecz

says that we are in the right place at the right time with the right people and that confidence makes him able to energise SocialFokus. He is constantly challenging himself to find the happy medium as a leader in a self-organised structure. He is an entrepreneur, and outdoor educator, a facilitator, and a cofounder of Organik. 


Melinda Várfi

sees a huge potential in the credibility that we built through living what we preach. She is one of the co-founders of Impact Hub Budapest and Organik, which is a SocialFokus venture. Her purpose is to facilitate sustainable change in any projects she is involved in.