Passion Statement.

The SocialFokus collective would like to see a world in which conscious businesses are doing more and more good for the community and environment.

If we look around we see that consumerism encourages us humans think only about our own needs. Most companies focus on maximising profits and operational efficiency. Many leaders seem incapable of creating a happy and balanced workplace. For customers, low prices are crucial and most cannot afford to buy fair-trade and organic products, even if they might want to. Politicians are often helpless to act and sometimes it's not in their interest to do so either.

At SocialFokus we inspire each other by opening up to our fearful and vulnerable sides. We believe that if you can show up with your authentic personality, complete with all its imperfections, we can subvert our patterns and create novel magic.

We challenge ourselves and each other to question whether shifting to collectivism and self-organisation is the way to go. We experiment, practice and share what we learn.

We do this by building our community, manifesting ventures and projects, and contributing to the commons through workshops and sharing our learnings.