ebike workshop in the SummerOffice, Kővágóörs in July


This is what we'll do basically, it takes 2-3 hours

What is the ebike workshop?

Did you ever think about how good would be to have your own ebike? We did it too. This is why we teamed up with fellow engineers from Mechatromotive and figured out what is the best available kit to pimp up our bicycles to ebikes on reasonable prices with good performance. 

How will we do this?

We'll do a workshop with the support of pro engineers in the SummerOffice at Kővágóörs. We provide basic tools for the process, you just need to bring your own bicycle. Workshop language: Hungarian by default, but we support english as well.  
Day 1: Everyone builds their own ebikes using the pre-ordered kits, see the video above. After that dinner + campfire.
Day 2: We go out for a test ride together. 



About the ebike kit

We'll order engines from the range of 250 - 750W with central axis system or 26" Rear drive. The batteries and other devices may vary according to your individual needs, and we'll care about the orders to make everything smooth (no commission of course).

These kits have good reviews, and easy to implement to 99% of the bikes (except fatbikes, and special designs). See the product specs on the official website.

... or, you can bring your own kit if you prefer.


1) The price of the ebike kits + accessories varies between
450 - 870€

2) Workshop fee: 100€ / person, including

  • one night in the SummerOffice with one warm dish for the dinner + breakfast + snacks
  • general education about the ebikes, support for the building (basically you'll build, and the pros will do mentoring)
  • managing the orders and delivery to the spot


Total Cost: 550 - 970€


Application process

Deadline: June 9

  1. Watch this video to understand what we'll do

  2. Select your kit + battery combo from the list below (click to Apply)
  3. Pick the dates that work for you for the workshop (click to Apply)

Join to SocialFokus-public Slack / ebike channel to discuss further details, or drop us a line: kristof@digitalnatives.hu / +36304563090 (Kristof, host of the event)

Technical questions: in Slack, or balazs.bozsik@mechatromotive.com





What will happen after the application?

  • Deciding together the best timing. Some batteries may require 2-3 weeks delivery time, so expect early July as the earliest slot.
  • Collecting the money for the ordering.
  • Ordering the kits + accessories.